Yamaha EP-E30a Wireless Earbuds Black
Yamaha EP-E30a Wireless Earbuds Black
Yamaha EP-E30a Wireless Earbuds Black

Yamaha EP-E30a Wireless Earbuds Black

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EP-E30A - Wireless Earphones

With their unique and proprietary technology, Yamaha have created the only headphones and earphones that truly adapt to you and your environment.


• Wireless earphones with Bluetooth v5.0 technology
• Powerful sound from the 8.6mm dynamic drivers
• Listening Care intelligent equalization for full-range sound at lower listening volumes
• Long-lasting: up to 14 hours of continuous playback from a 2 hour charge
• Yamaha’s Headphones Controller app puts control in the palm of your hand
• Supports activation of voice assistant functions

Powered For Your Day

Designed to fulfil the needs of your day the EP-E30A earphones feature long-term battery use with minimal charging.

You want to be able to spend as much time as possible with your favourite songs—so the EP-E30A can be used for 14 hours on a single charge, and can be charged in 2 hours. And not just music—enjoy video content on your smartphone wirelessly for extended periods and enjoy your favourite content any time you want.

Get Closer, Not Louder

A passion for music with a respect for hearing health – a perfect duet for a lifetime of listening. But how do you resist the urge to increase the volume? Now there's a little help. Listening Care intelligently optimises audio frequencies to assist your long-term listening health.

Listening Care

Lowering volume typically results in a perceived loss of certain frequencies, a phenomenon of human hearing. Listening Care intelligently adjusts the EQ to provide full-range sound even at a lower volume.

When listening volume is low (sound pressure is low), comparable high pressure is required at both the low and high frequencies for a balanced and easily audible audio signal. Simply, this means that louder volume is necessary to hear both the low and high frequencies. However, Yamaha has developed a different approach to this issue.

Drawing on enormous experience in working with professional sound design in a variety of large spaces, Yamaha developed YPAO Volume for their home theatre products. YPAO Volume has now been custom-tuned for Yamaha’s headphones and earphones, including proprietary tuning parameters that go beyond EQ adjustment. Adjustments are made, adaptive to the volume level, for fine-tuning and balance even in low-volume settings, eliminating the need to turn the music louder to hear all high and low frequencies.

Yamaha’s unique Listening Care feature focuses on the special sensitivity characteristics of the human ear. Taking into account the difficulty of hearing low and high-frequency content when the volume is soft, as well as differences with sound in various listening environments, Listening Care corrects the sound balance optimally according to the volume. The result is an exceptionally natural sound that’s easy to listen to and reduces ear fatigue due to excessive levels.

Voice Assistants / Hands-Free

Supports activation of voice assistant functions such as Siri® and Google Assistant that you can easily activate with the touch control. Starting with basic operations for listening to music, you can request song information, the latest news, and perform various operations easily with your voice. Hands-free functionality for calls is also available.


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