SolidSteel NS-10 Hi-Fi Speaker Stands
SolidSteel NS-10 Hi-Fi Speaker Stands
SolidSteel NS-10 Hi-Fi Speaker Stands

SolidSteel NS-10 Hi-Fi Speaker Stands

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Range Overview

This range of speaker stands is our basic Series designed for the largest number of bookshelf loudspeakers available on market, ideal for any kind of space and audio room, perfect also for being selected to support monitor speakers in pro audio studios (or home studios). Their height is designed as well for adopting these stands in surround systems, since they can accommodate satellite speakers in 5.1 A/V systems, home cinemas and home theaters.

How are Made

Each stand is made of 5 steel pipes finely painted in black, screwed between a wooden (and painted) top plate of 160x160 mm and a heavy stainless steel bottom-plate, crafted by laser cut. The bottom metal cones are threaded to support our traditional height-adjustable, stainless steel spikes. All steel pipes are filled by Stratocell®, which is a semi-rigid sound-absorbing polyethylene foam sheet that with its innovative closed cell structure revolutionizes the concept of acoustic correction. This material is highly performing (the highest classification of sound absorption - up to Class A) and it's perfect for dampening all the vibrations that could be generated on the stands.


The NS-10 stands have a complex height of 100 cm and are very easy to assemble. Inside the package there are all the needed screws and Allen-Key for the installation. These products are also supplied with “Pata-fix®” to properly and securely fix the speakers on the top plates.

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