Reavon UBR-X200 Dolby Vision 4K Ultra-HD Blu-Ray Player
Reavon UBR-X200 Dolby Vision 4K Ultra-HD Blu-Ray Player
Reavon UBR-X200 Dolby Vision 4K Ultra-HD Blu-Ray Player

Reavon UBR-X200 Dolby Vision 4K Ultra-HD Blu-Ray Player

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Reavon UBR-X200 Flagship 4K Ultra HD Universal Disc Player

More than just a Blu-Ray Player, the UBR-X200 is Reavon's flagship universal disc player that has been elaborately engineered for the ideal disc and multimedia playback. This high-fidelity player features an extremely rigid construction in order to achieve a high S/N (signal to noise) ratio for top-quality audio and video performance. With support for the spectacular Ultra HD Blu-ray™ format, you can enjoy stunning picture with four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD. The UBR-X200 is compatible with the latest Dolby Vision® format that provides incredible HDR imaging technology with extraordinary colour, contrast, and brightness to the screen.

As well as natively handling the latest video formats, the UBR-X200 also boasts modern audio processing technologies. With a high-resolution PCM1690 Series DAC built-in, the UBR-X200 provides audiophile-level sound via your choice of high-quality balanced analogue or digital audio outputs. UBR X 200 UBRX200 X200

Main Features

  • Universal Disc Player – Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD, DVD Audio, SACD, CD
  • HDR10
  • Dolby Vision
  • 36-bit Deep Colour/”x.v.Colour”
  • Dual HDMI Output
  • Video Adjust
  • Backlite Remote Control
  • Fast boot
  • Multimedia playback (MKV, FLAC, AIFF, MP3, JPG)

Video Features

  • Texas Instruments Burr-Brown Audio PCM1795 DACs (RCA Unbalanced & XLR Balanced)
  • 2-Channel DAC:
    • 32-Bit Resolution
    • Analog Performance: ​
      • Dynamic Range: 123 dB
      • THD+N: 0.0005%
    • Differential Current Output: 3.9 mApp
    • 8× Oversampling Digital Filter:
      • Stop-Band Attenuation: –98 dB
      • Passband Ripple: ±0.0002 dB
    • Sampling Frequency: 10 kHz to 200 kHz
    • System Clock: 128, 192, 256, 384, 512, or 768 fS With Autodetect
    • Accepts 16, 24 and 32-Bits Audio Data
  • Large-Capacity PCB Toroidal Transformer (Military Engineering Class)
  • Custom Audiophile Capacitors
  • Direct Function for Pure Analogue Audio Output
  • Dual HDMI Output for Pure Digital Audio Output
  • Jitter-less Clock
  • Ultra-Rigid Construction
  • 3 mm Steel Plate Rigid Under Base for Low Noise and Low Centre of Gravity
  • High Quality Main Circuit Board for High S/N Ratio
  • Rigid Optical Drive
  • 24-Bit Delta-Sigma DAC
  • Texas Instruments Burr-Brown Audio PCM1690 DACs (Analogue Audio Out 7.1/5.1)
  • ​8-Channel DAC:
    • High Performance: Differential, fS = 48 kHz
    • THD+N: –94 dB
    • SNR: 113 dB
    • Dynamic Range: 113 dB
    • Sampling Rate: 8 kHz to 192 kHz
    • System Clock: 128 fS, 192 fS, 256 fS, 384 fS, 512 fS, 768 fS, 1152 fS
    • Differential Voltage Output: 8 Vpp
    • Analog Lowpass Filter Included
    • 4x/8x Oversampling Digital Filter:
      • Passband Ripple: ±0.0018 dB
      • Stop Band Attenuation: –75 dB
    • Zero Flag
    • Accepts 16, 20, 24 and 32-Bits Audio Data
  • Analog Mute by Clock Halt Detection
  • Music File Playback: FLAC (2.0/5.1), M4A, AIF, AIFF, DSF (2.0/5.1), DFF (2.0/5.1), MP3, OGG, APE
  • Home Theater Audio: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS, DTS-HD MA, DTS-HD HRA, DTS:X


  • HDMI 1 Out for Audio/Video
  • HDMI 2 for Audio Only
  • Digital Coaxial Out
  • Digital Optical Out
  • USB In (1 USB 2.0 Front, 1 USB 3.0 Rear)
  • Ethernet
  • RS-232C
  • Analogue Audio Out Stereo (RCA Unbalanced, XLR Balanced)
  • Analogue Audio Out 7.1/5.1

Technical specifications

  • Mediatek MTK8581 SoC
  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cluster
  • ARM Mali-T860 MP2 GPU

General Specifications

  • Power: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 42 W
  • Power Consumption During Standby: 0.45 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 85 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 6.8 Kg / 15 lbs

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