Cayin CS-845A SET Integrated Amplifier
Cayin CS-845A SET Integrated Amplifier
Cayin CS-845A SET Integrated Amplifier
Cayin CS-845A SET Integrated Amplifier
Cayin CS-845A SET Integrated Amplifier

Cayin CS-845A SET Integrated Amplifier

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The new single-ended Class A integrated amplifier Cayin CS-845A claims to redefine the scale in the tube array. The elaborately constructed, with silver-plated signal cables freely wired heir apparent moves the limits of the reproduction quality for tube amps even further towards high end.

The CS-845A has been significantly improved over existing concepts in many respects. Its EI output transformers have an extreme bandwidth to extend the transmission range even further. The power supply now draws its supply voltage from a large-sized toroidal transformer – a design that stands for low stray fields. But the heart of the CS-845A are its selected tubes: The voltage gain takes over the classic WE6SN7. The towering 300B works as a driver tube for the 845 tube anchored in the type designation. This combination guarantees homogeneous music reproduction in conjunction with highest resolution.

For individual sound tuning according to personal perception, the negative feedback factor between 0 dB NFB (negative feedback) and -3 dB NFB can be freely selected. Thus, the CS-845A adapts more or less in the damping factor to the respective speakers to allow perfect control. Another example of the extensive detail work is the trouble-free rumble adjustment of the 300B by easily accessible arranged on the top potentiometer. The same applies to the bias setting with feedback from the integrated meter. Best of all, all functions, including adjustment of the negative feedback factor, can be controlled via the remote control. For volume control Cayin uses a high-quality encapsulated Alps potentiometer with motor drive. A pre-amp input also allows the CS-845A to operate as a pure power amp. After all, he lifts 24 watts per channel to the gold-plated speaker terminals.

For a long-lasting enjoyment of this exceptionally powerful and sophisticated integrated amplifier, the CS-845A has a tube-friendly soft-start on-delay for the high voltage power supply.


Technical data  CAYIN CS-845A

Frequency range 10Hz to 26kHz (-3dB)
Harmonic distortion (THD) > 3% (1kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio 90 dB
Input impedance 100 kΩ
Input sensitivity (RMS) 300mV RMS Line, 1000mV RMS Pre-In
Tubes 2 x WE6SN7, 2 x 300B, 2 x 845
Inputs (RMS) falls away! 3 x Line, 1 x Pre-In
Exit 1 x Tape Out
Circuit Class A, Single Ended
Front panel Silver or black
Speaker Impedanzabgriffe 4 Ω, 8 Ω
Output power (RMS) at 4 and 8 ohms 24W + 24W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 420mm × 389mm × 240mm
Mass 37 kg
Domestic equipments Metal remote control, integrated

bias meter

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